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Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester Genealogy

Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, b. variably 1208-1213; d.1265 in battle at Evesham. Married Eleanor Plantagenet, b. 1215; d. 1275 in the Convent of Montargis, France.  Daughter of King John. Seven children:

Henry de Montfort b. 1238; d.1265 in battle at Evesham. No descendants.

Simon de Montfort Fils b.1240; d.1271. No descendants.

Guy de Montfort, Count of Nola, b. 1241; d. 1291. Executed in prison in Sicily at the connivance of his wife for opposing the marriage arrangements for his daughter. Married to Countess MargaritaAldobrandesca of Sovana, twin daughters. (See Valentina Baciu’s extensive genealogy below)

Eleanor de Montfort (La Demoiselle) b. 1245; d.1282. Married Llewellyn ap Gryffid, Prince of Northern Wales. Two daughters and a son: Howel Gymen ap Llewellyn b, 1278; d. 1300. Gwencyllian, b. 1278. a nun. Katherine, b.1279; d.1340. Wed to Philip ap Ivor, Prince of Southern Wales, uniting the royal House of Wales.Two children, Llewellyn ap Philip  b. 1295 (died without descendants.) and Eleanor ferch Philip ap Ivor b. 1305; d. 1337.

King Henry VIII claimed descent from Earl Simon via the Welsh noble line, claiming a noble origin for the Tudors, but this genealogy, painted on the the wall of the hall at Winchester at the time of the celebrated Tournament of the Golden Cloth, is not considered authentic.

Amaury de Montfort, b. 1243; d. 1301.Took Holy Orders. No descendants.

(Joanna? b. 1248; d.1251, died in childhood.)

Alice de Montfort, b.1249, died in infancy in Bordeaux.

Richard de Montfort,fitz Simon, b. 1252; d. 1281 at Montargis.

(Richard de Montfort? b. 1253; d. 1287?.  Married Mary Wellsbourne of the Warwickshire Montforts. Changed name to Mulford and changed heraldry. One son, Edward. b. ca. 1300.)