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Ivory of the Saints
Ivory of the Saints
The Montfort Lion
  • The Iconography of the Ivory of the Saints
    Ivory of the Saints The ivory diptych from which the Montfort series book covers are taken In Catholic tradition saints, and Jesus, can be identified by an object, an animal or a situation that is associated with their history. The central figure in the righthand panel of the medieval bone diptych that I’ve used for the cover ...
  • The Montfort Lion
    Cronica Majora / Flores Historiarum Battle of Evesham: August 4,1265 Montfort’s dismembered body with his heraldry Argent Rampant Lion Gules Queue Fourché (White ground, Red lion rampant with forked tail. Red Lion on White) Chartres window of Simon de Montfort’s father The family of Montfort had as their device a European lion rampant. Unlike the ...